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Jody may not have won the title of Nashville Star, but this is not the last we will see of this wonderful talent. Somebody's bound to sign him... hopefully soon. People just weren't able to see the awesomeness that we see in Jody. I wouldn't worry too much about that though, just look at the past seasons of Nahsville Star and the successes that were not given the title of "Nashville Star". Season one, there was Miranda Lambert, who is doing great right now, and Season Two, there was George Canyon who came in second and is doing wwaaaay better than Brad Cotter. So, really, theres nothin to worry about here, Jody will do great, I just know it!
I got my Jody Evans CD in the mail!

Now my boyfriend calls Nashville Star "Nerdville Star."
Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

"Honey!!! Honey!!! Your Nerd is on TV!" he yelled the other night.
He's such a nice boyfriend.
I should stress the importance of voting. But, I think I've done that
enough. Vote for him. He has a very good chance at winning it and we
need to make that chance greater. So, vote for him as much as you
possibly can.

Remember, 10 votes are allowed per phone line, and one per yahoo id!

So, what's everyone's favorite lyrics - either from one of Jody's songs, or from a song that he's sung on Nashville Star?

I cant believe nobody else has created a Jody group on there yet!
It is once again time for me to stress the importance of voting. Vote
as much as you possibly can for Jody. Remember, that only 10 votes are
allowed per phone line, and one vote per yahoo! id. Get as much people
as you can to vote. We need to keep Jody on. Jody needs us to keep
him on. He needs to be the Nashville Star. He has to win this thing.
We have to vote so he can win it. Without our votes, he wont make it
to the end of the competition. SO... VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

Hey I'm new, but I come bearing gifts!

I've made a lot of icons/blanks of Jody which can be found here:


Let me know if you'd like text added or anything!
MassiveTidalWave: 18669782705
MassiveTidalWave: call that number 10 times and ill be your slave for life

I sent that to EVERYONE on my buddy list... I hope it helps!

I've guarenteed 50 votes for Jody outside of my AIM pleas...

Jody got the second chance he deserved and I'm just trying to help prove that it's worth something!!!!
Looking at several message boards, it seems that many people think Jody will be kicked off next week, or that he should :-/

Is there anything we can do to help him??? I know I voted as many times as I could on Tuesday, and I made my parents call in too... I'm just so worried he's gonna be gone :(:(:(:(:(:(
Okay I went to Jody's website and ordered his CD. It came today, and besides the fact that it is TOTALLY AWESOME, it came with an autographed picture of Jody! Eeeeeee!!! So awesome!

Sorry, just thought I'd be a total dork :-P